Faslane Blockade Book Publication Announced

Press Release:

For Immediate Release

Faslane 365

edited by Angie Zelter

Publication Date:

21 July 2008


Edinburgh World Justice Festival 27 June

Angie Zelter has been arrested over 100 times in 10 different countries; she’s disarmed a British

fighter jet; won a landmark court case that ruled Trident missile deployment is illegal under international

humanitarian law; and successfully organised a year-long anti-nuclear blockade outside

Faslane Naval Base in 2006/7. The Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre, a resource for

groups working to transform conflict, has organised the launch of Zelter’s latest book,


of international issues and their possible solutions.

With 131 blockading groups and 1,150 arrests, the year-long protest against the Trident defence

system demonstrated the unity and determined commitment of nuclear protestors, including

Scottish Lawyers, Health Professionals and Grannies for Peace. Featuring the humorous musings

of A.L. Kennedy, the heartfelt lyrical plea of Adrian Mitchell, and the candid statement of

13-year-old Catherine Holmes, the youngest protestor to be arrested,

a diverse selection of writings, academic and anecdotal, from and about the epic blockade.

A fascinating and inspirational read, examining the political, environmental and ethical implications

of Trident; exploring the impact that the protest had on the international nuclear protest

community; and providing evidence of the passionate concern the issue provokes in people from

all walks of life —

our world for the better still exists.

Faslane, as part of the Edinburgh World Justice Festival. The festival is dedicated to raising awarenessFaslane 365 brings togetherFaslane 365 demonstrates that despite adversity, the hope that we can change

To everyone who locked themselves to the gates of Faslane, who blocked roads,

who dressed as pixies or swam across the loch to reach the submarines, I salute

your lessons in civil etiquette.



Author profile

‘global citizen’. She has been an active campaigner for many decades, and has founded numerous campaign

organisations, including Trident Ploughshares in 1997. Her involvement in anti-Trident action led to a landmark

trial in 1999, when she and two other protestors, having disarmed a floating laboratory intended to

mask the sounds of Trident submarines, were acquitted with the conclusion that deployment of Trident

missiles was illegal under international humanitarian law. In 1997, she received the International Peace

Bureau Sean MacBride Peace Prize for the Seeds of Hope Ploughshares Action, and the Right Livelihood

Award in 2001 on behalf of Trident Ploughshares.

— A human rights, peace and environmental campaigner, Angie Zelter sees herself as a


links between individuals and groups working to resolve international peace, justice and ecology issues.


The Edinburgh World Justice Festival runs 14-29 June 2008, and marks the third anniversary of the Make

Poverty History demonstration. www.ejwf.org.uk

The Working Group of Scotland Without Nuclear Weapons was founded after the Scottish Government’s

summit discussing the renewal of Trident. www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/People/swnw-working-group

A National Conversation looks to increase Scottish independence and responsibility.


— The Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre was established in 1890, with the aim of establishing


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