Promoting Health and Healthy Living

Thanks to the Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust close to 500 assistant yog teachers are set to emerge from a special series of training sessions at key locations across the country.

The charity has already achieved a great deal, training 180 teachers who are providing “health and healthy living” throughout the country with weekly free yog classes, but demand has led to the need for many more teachers.

It’s a dramatic increase in the number of trainers in the UK, made necessary by soaring demand for tuition in a practice which offers potentially huge health benefits for those who follow its techniques efficiently – and represents a major step forward for the health promotion efforts of a charity which is just two years old.

Registered Charity Number: 115370, Trustee, Sunita Poddar said: “The benefits of yog are steadily becoming more widely understood, and there is no shortage of people in the UK keen to develop techniques which can have such an important bearing on one’s spiritual and physical health.

“We are delighted that we can now offer what amounts to an exciting new development in the growth of yog in this country, in a move which we hope will lend fresh inspiration to the many people in these islands who wish to grasp the opportunity offered by this very ancient but also very relevant discipline.”

She added: “Although aimed primarily at aspiring assistant yog teachers the courses are of value to anybody seeking to improve the quality of their life, and have the blessing of leading master Swami Ramdev Ji .”

The programme is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, and involves a series of pranayam (systematic breathing techniques) combined with yog asana postures.

If practised regularly and efficiently key benefits can include reduced stress levels, improved circulation, healthier joints, enhanced strength, agility and body tone, weight regulation, boosted immune and digestive system, as well as enhanced energy, concentration and flexibility.

The course lasts 60 hours, is fully supervised to ensure health and safety during exercises, and involves attendance at key workshops, the teaching of relaxation techniques, and talks and discussions – all adding up to a programme fully designed to permit students to become accomplished yog teachers.

Contact: Naveen Garg
Phone: 0141 427 7510