Burrell Architects: Glasgow, What Have You Done?

Sir Barry Gasson and John Meunier, the architects who designed the Burrell Museum are horrified at the Go Ape proposal and the plan to site Go Ape buildings just yards from the picture window in the main gallery.

In a statement to SavePollokPark, Barry Gasson comments: “The concept of the Burrell has been an inspiration to a number of recent museums around the world and if the City proceeds with this project surely they will say – Glasgow, what have you done!”

The planning application for the Go Ape site includes two buildings – a reception cabin and waiting area – (see pix link below) which will be visible from inside the Burrell.

Talking about the original concept, John Meunier now Professor of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Arizona State University said “Clearly we wanted a design that would celebrate its siting in Pollok Park, with views not only from outside but also from inside. We did not want to design a closed box”. The Burrell was finished in 1983 and is listed by architects’ magazine, Prospect, as No2 in its list of 100 best modern Scottish buildings, as voted for by its readers

Barry Gasson continues “The existing design was chosen because it was the only one that visually engaged with the North Wood. In my opinion, it is fundamental that this North Wood – old woodland on record for 250yrs – is left undisturbed. Glasgow, have you lost your way?”



Full texts of Barry Gasson and John Meunier’s statements to SavePollokPark are available.
Barry Gasson has indicated he will not give interviews. He is a very private individual and told the campaign he felt moved to comment only because of the depth of his opposition. John Meunier can be contacted here.

The Go Ape buildings will require tree felling, will each measure approx 4m x 4m x 3m high and will be clearly visible from inside the Burrell exhibition hall.

On 25th March the Planning Applications Committee members will make a site visit at 10.00. SavePollokPark supporters will make a silent protest during the visit. There will be opportunities to photograph the visual impact of the buildings at this time as the sites will be marked out by the planning department to help the councillors. We have provided committee members with the attached briefing

SavePollokPark will also be present outside the City Chambers in advance of the hearing. Bob Marshall & Bill Fraser will address the hearing in a six minute audio-visual summation of our opposition. Despite pleas to the Convenor, Cllr George Redmond maintains there will be sufficient space for the public & press despite 25 SPP supporters being left outside at the last meeting

Contact: Bill Fraser
Phone: 0141 424 0447 or 07775 832461
Email: ladybungo@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.SavePollokPark.com