Highlands and Island Producers Help Shape Food Policy

Richard Lochhead Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment launched the first Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Forum of the year on Monday (January 28), setting out his vision for a strong vibrant food and drink economy in Scotland.

Mr Lochhead spoke of the role of government and the importance of working in partnership with the public and private sector in growing the food, drink and primary sectors in the Highlands and Islands.

“To succeed in today’s globally competitive market, Scotland’s businesses more than ever need to act with greater collective vision, with more consistent and coherent support from government and our agencies,” he said.

Highlands and Islands Food Forum chair, Dennis Overton, said: “Partnership working between the public and private sector is often cited as vital in developing the food and drink sector.

“This was a great opportunity for local businesses to hold an open discussion with those who have a huge influence on the development of the food and drink industry within the Highlands and Islands.”

Currently, the value of the food and drink industry in the Highlands and Islands is in excess of

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