Nuclear Power: Scots to Pay for ‘Vampire’ Technology


Greens today reacted with dismay, but not surprise, as UK Ministers announced their much-trailed approval for a new round of nuclear power stations. Although the election of a majority of anti-nuclear Parliamentarians in May 2007 means Scotland will not be home to any of these new plants, Scots taxpayers will still be funding the vast and irresponsible subsidies being planned in Whitehall, and paying out again through increased electricity bills.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“This is vampire economics, using massive infusions of taxpayers’ money to try and bring the nuclear industry back to life. Labour have decided that we should pay the industry’s decommissioning costs, plus the costs of setting up waste storage facilities, and, staggeringly, an extra fee per unit of electricity we use. All this on top of the

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