Property Experts go Below Street Level

Property experts go below street level with a modern message on services

Leading Scottish specialist property services company Ross & Liddell is going underground in a bid to reach potential customers some other firms never bother talking to.

The company has booked a month-long advertising stint with the “Clockwork Orange” subway system in Glasgow, where it’s one of the sector’s main players, and will profile its broad array of services in a novel series of linked ads in carriages throughout January.

It’s reckoned to be the first time such a company has booked ad space on the subway in this way, and is a deliberate attempt to get the positive news on a major player in Scottish property to thousands of people who benefit directly from its services.

The ground-breaking ad campaign is part of a general move by Ross & Liddell to communicate its services effectively to as broad an audience as possible.

Financial director Alex Cassidy said: “Many people know we have a major role to play in property management, but we’re equally active in areas which directly concern huge numbers of people – furnished letting, commercial letting and building services.

“So we’re going to have separate ads in the various carriages for each of our four main areas of endeavour.

Contact: Alec Cassidy
Phone: 0141 221 9266