Welcoming Eastern Europeans

Scotland’s property sector needs to do more to help the ever-increasing numbers of Eastern Europeans who arrive ignorant about how to set up home in this country.

Leading letting agents Braemore Property Management believe both the huge influx of East Europeans and Scots property companies need to be more aware of the challenges faced when large groups of migrant workers look to relocate to Scotland.

The company, which manages 800 properties in the city, has moved to put in place procedures to try to simplify and fast track the process, to ensure the growing East European community can both embrace and enjoy life in Scotland.

Braemore Sales Manager, Clinton Joubert, said: “People new to Scotland need to ensure that they are adequately prepared for renting. At Braemore we understand what these struggles can be and how they can be easily overcome. We are happy to sit down with people and help them through the process.

“Renting a home in Scotland is very simple – if someone can just take the time to explain it through.”

Edinburgh has long been the most multicultural city in Scotland and the eastern European influence has really taken hold over the past few years.

There is now an estimated 35,000-strong East European community in Edinburgh and Lothians, with 20,000 in the capital. Polish delis, bars, and even church services are popping up all over the city.

Clinton said: “This is a market which cannot be ignored and property companies need to simplify procedures to ensure the challenge faced by migrant workers moving to this country is kept as hassle-free as possible while still ensuring security for landlords.”

Braemore Property Management, based in Dundas Street has established itself as Edinburgh’s leading letting agent over the past 15 years; it is now leading the way once more when it comes to dealing with this new and burgeoning market.

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