"Millionairess" Meets Supporters in Edinburgh

Sent 28th September – for immediate use

Diary notice for Thursday 4th October and interview opportunity

She grew up in poverty in the remote Xinjiang region of China, was twice married and the mother of “at least 11 children”*, but later came to be known as “The Millionairess” because of her successful trading and business acumen. Rebiya Kadeer later came to international prominence when she was imprisoned by the Chinese authorities and adopted as a Prisoner of Conscience by Amnesty International. Now living in exile as President of the World Uighur Congress, Rebiya Kadeer will visit Edinburgh to speak to supporters about the continuing persecution of her people and the harassment suffered by her own family.

Contact: John Watson
Phone: 07818 453 070
Email: john.watson@amnesty.org.uk
Website: http://www.amnesty.org.uk/scotland