Help at Hand for Senior Staff Facing Hardship

Senior managers and company owners in the construction industry are coming under unprecedented pressure as the sector faces rapid change, consolidation and an ever-increasing burden of regulation.

Smaller companies are losing out to the purchasing strength and huge land bank firepower of larger rivals and some are even heading into receivership. Often these companies have been operating locally for decades.

Many workers in such circumstances can obtain employment elsewhere in a busy sector, but senior staff – many of whom have long-term relationships with the firm – can often find themselves cast adrift in a competitive marketplace and sliding into financial difficulties.

This is where the Edinburgh and District Master Builders’ Charitable Trust comes into its own. Set up as a benevolent fund just after the war, the trust was reconstituted in 1999 to widen its remit.

However, it is still able to offer financial support to persons in reduced circumstances who have been involved with the building trade in Edinburgh and the Lothians with particular emphasis on owners and senior employees of companies, widows or widowers, children and other dependent relatives of qualifying beneficiaries.

Contact: Christina Murnin
Phone: 0141 353 5500