Edinburgh Film-maker Launches New Horror Film

An Edinburgh film-maker is launching his new horror film, SACRIFICED, at a free preview screening at the city’s Cameo cinema. Keith Bradley has written, produced and directed the feature film which he funded from the sale of his house.

Sacrificed is his first feature film. “Basically the whole thing has been a cinematic challenge that I set myself. Could I self-finance a low budget horror film using camcorders that could find its place in the market alongside films made on a bigger budget?” said Bradley.

“As it is my first feature film, I inevitably had to take on more roles than would have been the case in a fully funded film with more crew. Making any film with limited resources you first have to be resilient to most forms of stress and I was determined to work my guts out until I finished the film to my satisfaction, no matter what.”

SACRIFICED is the story of young woman who falls under the spell of a small bronze idol purchased from an antique shop. A murder spree begins with the killing of her abusive husband and escalates when she invites her friends to the sleepover from hell at her country mansion. The film stars Sandra Darnell and Nina Kwok.

Bradley’s film has its own MySpace page where its trailers have already begun to generate interest in the project.

“I am at the stage now where I need to properly fund my next feature.

Contact: Keith Bradley
Phone: M: 07760440043
Email: keith_bradley@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.myspace.com/sacrificed_movie