Speed Cameras in Rapid Decline?

Freedom of Information requests placed by MCN and revealed in today’s issue
indicate a significant and widespread reduction in speed camera activity this
year compared to last year.

In nine counties that have so far responded, mobile speed cameras were deployed
for 19% fewer hours in June 2007 than June 2006.

Paul Smith, founder of SafeSpeed.org.uk, said: “So it looks like speed cameras
are finally fading away. That’s good, but it’s nowhere near good enough. The
decline of speed cameras will be a relief to motorists, but it is essential to
road safety that we scrap speed cameras – with considerably ceremony – if we
are to start to shift the dangerously false road safety dogma that supports

“This reduction in speed camera activity is the direct and deliberate result of
the new funding arrangements from Department for Transport. It is perfectly
clear – and not at all surprising – that Department for Transport has lost
confidence in the speed camera programme. I am extremely angry that they do not
have the courage or the decency to come out and say so. Clearly they would
rather save face than save lives.”

“Speed cameras have failed as a road safety policy. We must scrap the lot and
move on to policies that will actually save lives on our roads.”

“All our speed cameras are in the wrong places – they should be in the scrap

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About Safe Speed

The Safe Speed road safety campaign is primarily the work of engineer-turned
road safety analyst Paul Smith.

Since setting up Safe Speed in 2001, Paul Smith, 52, an advanced driver and
road safety enthusiast, and a professional engineer of 25 years UK experience,
has carried out over 22,000 hours working on the campaign with well over 6,000
of those hours researching the overall effects of speed camera policy on UK
road safety. In addition to those 22,000 hours, Paul has funded to campaign to
the tune of

Contact: Paul Smith
Phone: 01862 893030
Email: psmith@safespeed.org.uk