Elections Review Calls for Public Comments

Members of the public can now give their views on the recent Scottish Elections. People are being invited to submit their opinions and observations to the Scottish Elections Review, online or in writing by 31 July 2007.

The independent review is being led by Ron Gould CM, an international authority on the management of elections. Other senior members of the team include Michael Boda, an experienced elections analyst and practitioner and Alice Killam, a former Canadian returning officer with extensive international advisory experience.

The Electoral Commission has appointed the Review team to review the administration of the Scottish Parliament elections. At the request of the Scottish Executive, the Review will also report on the local government elections.

Contact: Ian Coldwell or Jacquie Kane
Phone: 0131 556 0770 or 07703 25 88 34 (out of hours)
Email: ian.coldwell@pagodapr.com
Website: http://www.scottishelectionsreview.org.uk