Shaken Awake

If you’re one of those people who can sleep straight through an alarm,
or turn it off and turn right over, then a group of students at
Heriot-Watt University may have the answer: an alarm which makes your
pillow itself vibrate, and try sleeping through that!

The first year Management students are one of a number of groups who had
to produce a business idea and business plan as part of their study
course, and enter the plans in a sponsored competition. Their idea,
presumably based on personal experience of how easy it is to sleep
through a conventional alarm, is to have an embedded vibrator in the
pillow, which can be preset at the bedside remote control to vibrate at
a predetermined time. Not only is it impossible to ignore, but has the
added benefits that it does not disturb the rest of the household and
also could be useful to those with impaired hearing.

This 16 strong group is led jointly by 20 year old Cecilie Karlsen and
Lawrence Garner, 22. Cecilie said, “The original idea came about when
two of the team members were thinking about their daily routines, that
the first thing that happened was to wake up and the problems students
have in doing just this. We hope our idea and business plan will be
strong enough to win the competition and that even if not it might
become a reality anyway.”

There are about 400 Management students in 20 groups at Heriot-Watt’s
Edinburgh and Galashiels campuses competing for two prizes, best
business idea and best business plan, and the competition is sponsored
by The Bank of Scotland. The winning teams will be announced by Mr Mark
Curran, Head of Relationship Management, Business Banking, The Bank of
Scotland, at an awards ceremony at:

11.15 am Wednesday 6 June 2007
Lecture Theatre 4
Heriot Watt University
Edinburgh Campus

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