NHS Lothian Achieves Further Success in Cutting Waiting Lists

NHS Lothian has achieved a 30% drop in just three months in the number of people
waiting for outpatient treatment for more than 18 weeks, according to a new report.
The report – to be presented to the Board of NHS Lothian at its meeting today (May
23rd) – shows how hard work by staff is paying off in terms of delivering quicker
treatment for patients.

The report also details great improvements in treatment for women with breast cancer
– with nearly 97% of people with this condition treated within the 62 day standard
from referral, above the national target of 95%.

On outpatient treatment, NHS Lothian is making good progress to hitting the national
target of all outpatients with treatment guarantees being seen within 18 weeks by
the end of December 2007.

The report shows that there were fewer than 2,500 patients in this category waiting
for longer than 18 weeks at the end of March 2007.

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