Caging the ‘Heat of the Sun’ with Diamond

A group of Scottish scientists will be playing a vital role in an international
project working to develop waste-free nuclear power, providing energy without
contributing to global warming. Their role is to contain the heat of a potential
nuclear fusion reaction, comparable to the sort of temperatures found in the sun, by
coating the inner walls of the reactor with home-grown diamond.

The Diamond Research Group at Heriot-Watt University has developed a unique method
of growing diamond film at relatively low pressure and temperature, using gases to
lay down the material in a plasma. The group is led by Professor Phil John and
Professor John Wilson. Professor John said, “The ultimate energy source is the Sun.
Confining the fusion power of the sun on earth has long been the goal of scientists
and engineers searching for a benign source of energy which does not pollute the
planet with long lived radioactive waste or contribute to global warming.

Contact: Caroline Dempster
Phone: 0131 451 3443