Some people believe a ghost can be in two places at once and this may be true if Euan MacInnes of Adam Lyal’s Witchery Tour Party is anything to go by.

Standing in Lothian at the Scottish Parliamentary Elections on 3rd May in the guise of pale-faced phantom Adam Lyal (deceased), Euan has been campaigning hard throughout Lothian from dawn til dusk. Euan vows – if elected – to take his place in the Scottish Parliament’s debating chamber in a white face and black cloak.

“I’ve been in Linlithgow, Livingston, South Queensferry, Dalkeith and Musselburgh to name but five,” said Euan. “The response on the doorstep has been one of surprise followed by a genuine interest in my campaign. ‘You can’t do any worse’ is a common theme.”

“It’s tough going being a solitary ghost on the campaign trail. A guy the other day called me a numpty. I’ve put him down as undecided.

Edinburgh based Euan is looking for the electorate’s second vote in Lothian. His policies include campaigning for the minimum wage for MSPs, and donating his annual salary above the minimum wage to three local Lothian charities of his choice.

Contact: Euan MacInnes
Phone: 07811 807 608