TigerCube Ltd Launch Exciting New Range of Telecoms and IT Infrastructure Products

As a result of many months and indeed years of research and development effort, Scottish and Northern Irish based company TigerCube Ltd (www.tigercube.net) have launched an exciting range of software products. These server products can be located on site within company offices or hosted remotely providing virtual office solutions, in either case they provide businesses with the tools needed to run an efficient, secure and reliable working environment. TigerCube products bring big business features with reliability, scalability, security and much more within the reach of SMEs.

The products incorporate an advanced VoIP enabled phone system, centralised file storage, remote access, web content filtering, email and backup, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, with the added advantage of centralised management of all features.

Want to know who we are, where we came from and more importantly where we are going? Email us at press@tigercube.net or visit us online at www.tigercube.net.

Phone: 0845 119 19 10
Email: press@tigercube.net
Website: http://www.tigercube.net