Let’s Get Emotional!

PCT Glasgow, the popular Glasgow West End’s counselling service, is tracking what stresses people out. Just after Christmas they found people focused on relationship difficulties i.e. the forced bonding of families at Christmas. After New Year, theyn found people experiencing problems concerning debt – paying off Christmas.

Now, they have people who, despite the longer days and Spring upon us, find depression and anxiety the main issues. Rick Hughes (Director at PCT Glasgow) says, ‘There is the impression that Spring-time lightens the mood, but in reality many folk start to acknowledge that things are tough for them. It’s a time to reality check lives.

Counselling is the way that people find the skills or coping resources to move them out of a difficult situation and start to live their lives again. It’s now that we meet people who try counselling for the first time. As we get 80% of our clients from word-of-mouth, we know it works’.

Counselling can provide an environment to sort out difficulties and find solutions to personal problems, in a safe, supportive and confidential setting. Check out the website at www.pctglasgow.com.

Contact: Rick Hughes
Phone: 0141 332 6888 (ansa-phone)
Email: rick@pctglasgow.com
Website: http://www.pctglasgow.com