Capital Launch for Beanscene Espresso

Beanscene, the rapidly expanding coffee and music house chain, has launched Beanscene Espresso, a new, faster-paced little sister brand to its more relaxed, neighbourhood offering. Comprising small outlets set up exclusively to serve the on-the-go market, the first Beanscene Espresso will open on Monday 5th February at Edinburgh Quay followed by a second in South Gyle a month later.

Whilst the new brand will retain the vibe and values that have underpinned Beanscene’s growth throughout Scotland, the smaller scale of Beanscene Espresso lends itself to a wider variety of potential locations, including high streets, concessions, carts and malls.

Beanscene founder Gordon Richardson said, “What sets Beanscene apart from other coffee houses and music retailers is that we bring our passion for music and our constant pursuit of the ultimate caffeine kick together at each and every store. That same ethos will apply equally to Beanscene Espresso.

“But whereas Beanscene offers somewhere for customers to sit back and soak up some sounds while chilling out over an espresso and a bite to eat in their own backyard, Beanscene Espresso will provide metropolitan customers on-the-go with an equivalent range of lattes, cappuccinos, espressos and soft drinks as well as a mouth-watering selection of freshly made sandwiches, baguettes, muffins and pastries.”

The launch of Beanscene Espresso follows the launch last December of a UK-wide franchising strategy which aims to deliver a further 25 outlets – comprising a combination of managed and franchised stores – across Scotland within the next 18 months. Beanscene Espresso franchises are also available to prospective franchisees fed up with the daily grind.

Said Richardson, “What matters most about Beanscene and Beanscene Espresso is the vibe. We recognise that the best way to build the operation is to attract quality operators who understand the brand and have a vested interest in it to effectively run their own businesses as ‘guardians of the brand’.”

There are currently 13 Beanscene stores spread throughout Scotland. The franchise strategy is to open up to 45 Beanscene stores over the course of the next three years, comprising three managed superstores surrounded by a mix of up to 15 Beanscene and Beanscene Espresso stores.

Contact: Christina Murnin
Phone: 0141 353 5500