Lone Parents Enraged at Geldof’s TV Comments

Spurred on by calls from outraged lone parents, One Parent Families Scotland condemns the biased programme about Divorce screened by Channel 4 on Monday 11th October, fronted by Bob Geldof.
“We are very concerned that this programme did not give a balanced perspective on the difficulties experienced by families, underlying the high divorce rate. No mention was made of domestic abuse by men or of the many women who come to divorce as a painful last resort, rather than the easy way out portrayed by the programme”, said the Director, Sue Robertson.

Research recently published by NCH showed that the biggest source of dissatisfaction among divorced parents was insufficient contact by non resident parents, rather than too much.
As one parent who contacted us, said: “It wasn’t a bit balanced. Contact can be used as a way of threatening resident mothers-my husband kept threatening me with Social Work if the house was not immaculate. I had to prove I was super-mum and I lived in constant fear of his threats to take my son away.”

Any other parents who were incensed by the programme and would like to be involved in a support network can contact Catherine via OPFS on 0800 018 5026.


One Parent Families Scotland is a national organisation promoting supportive policies for lone parents and their children. It runs a lone parent helpline on 0800 018 5026.

Contact: For further information contact OPFS on 0131 556 3899 or the press officer Ian Maxwell on 07887 500 667.