Mouthwatering Challenge for Food Lovers

Scottish foodies are being set a challenge at this year’s Speciality Food Show to help take their minds off the gloom of the economy.

Two of Scotland’s finest food companies, Gigha Halibut and Kensington’s Wines Direct, are challenging visitors to the show to find the perfect wine to accompany smoked Gigha Halibut.

Gigha Halibut is a sustainable, organically fed supreme quality fresh fish from the island of Gigha which is served in some of the best restaurants around the world every day. The company has prepared a batch of smoked fish specially for the challenge at the SECC this weekend.

Gigha Halibut is teaming up with Kensingtons Wines Direct, Scotland’s newest online wine retailer, which sources wines only from traditional or family-run wine producers around the world.

Contact: Andrea Pearson
Phone: 07769 676 899