A Chance Meeting and Unique Opportunity at Festival

A chance meeting backstage at a Polish festival brought about one of the collaborations taking place at the Northern Streams Festival in Scotland next week. Organiser Fiona Campbell found out that Scottish flute player – Calum Stewart – had been working with colleagues in Sweden and Denmark, making a perfect fit for a festival which brings together music, song, dance and storytelling from Scotland and Scandinavia.

A unique opportunity for audiences is the appearance of north Norwegian Saami joiker, Ante Mikkel Gaup, who featured in Joanna Lumley’s recent ‘Northern Lights’ BBC programme. He is performing with his daughter, Inger-Biret and his other daughter is in successful Saami folk band Adjagas. Their performances are complemented by an exhibition of Duodji images – the collective term for handicrafts of the Saami people.

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