Dr Who Goes to Bedlam!

A paintball game inspired by Dr Who, the latest addition to Bedlam Group’s exciting range of on-site attractions, is already generating a surge in bookings at Scotland’s premier paintball venues.

The storyline for the Dr Who-inspired game involves an opposing team which aims to transfer the Doctor safely back to the Tardis. In order to do that, they have to annihilate the ‘cybermen’ and ‘daleks’ by paintballing them once in the front and twice in the back before eliminating the subordinates of the defending team before getting the Doctor back to the Tardis.

As Bedlam MD Roman Rock explained, “Of course, if the Doctor ‘dies’, he simply regenerates into another Doctor. In our Dr Who-inspired paintball game, that means that if the Doctor is hit by a paint pellet, he simply passes his scarf onto a team-mate who then becomes the Doctor and who has to reach the Tardis – and once he’s safely in the Tardis, he can disappear into another galaxy!”

Over the course of the last year, Bedlam has become renowned for pioneering an expanding range of unique game zones unavailable elsewhere on any other paintball site throughout the UK.

Mr Rock said, “Paintballing is already the ultimate adrenaline rush and, with the introduction of our Dr Who-inspired game, as well as The Stagecoach Stand-off, The Black Fortress, the Bedlam D-Day landings and our haunted church with gravestones and crypts, we are investing heavily to ensure that our sites continue to offer a range of exciting scenarios and storylines for paintballing.”

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