Licensing Board Warns on Slow Uptake of Personal Licenses

Licensed premises in South Ayrshire could be in danger of being unable to sell alcohol from 1st September 2009 when new licensing laws come into force.

That’s the warning being issued this week by the South Ayrshire Licensing Board, expressing concern that many people have appeared slow in applying for their personal licences, which could impact on their business.

From 1st September 2009 the new legislation requires all licensed premises to have a nominated Premises Manager who in turn must hold a personal licence to sell alcohol. The Board expect there to be at least one personal licence holder on duty in licensed premises at all times.

If the Licensing Board has not been advised of the Premises Manager by 31st August 2009, then the premises will not be allowed to open for the sale of alcohol from 1st September.

Earlier this year, Strathclyde Police wrote to all licensees reminding them of the need to obtain a personal licence and then nominate a premises manager. Despite this, the South Ayrshire Licensing Board says that many premises have yet to nominate a premises manager.

Councillor Douglas Campbell, the Licensing Board Chairman said: “Every applicant for a personal licence has to sit a one day course, followed by an exam. If successful, they then need to apply for a personal licence.

Simply sitting the course, or passing the exam is not enough to obtain a personal licence.”

The message is clear – if you want to sell alcohol, you need a licence. Contact the Licensing Board on: 01292 617686 to obtain details of the courses available locally and make sure you’re ready for the new laws from 1st September.

Contact: Murdoch MacDonald
Phone: 01292 281498