St Andrew

A poll announced to mark St Andrew’s Day, has named penicillin as Scotland’s greatest contribution to the world.

Second place was taken by Scotch Whisky with the Telephone in third.  Nominations receiving no votes included Haggis, Deep Fried Mars Bars and Edinburgh.  Other nominees included Lorne Sausage, Golf, Television, Rab C Nesbit and Robert Burns.

The vote was run by ScotsCare, a charity for Scots in London to mark St Andrew’s Day and celebrate Scottish achievements.  Votes were placed on ScotsCare’s website.

On receiving news of the Penicillin’s success, Kevin Brown from The Fleming Museum at St Mary’s Hospital in London said, “By bringing health where there was sickness, hope of life where there was once only despair and quality of life where there was lingering  ill-health, penicillin has contributed to the happiness of all mankind.  Thanks to a chance discovery by Ayrshire-born Alexander Fleming in 1928, the world we live in was truly changed – without it many of us would not be here today.”

ScotsCare Chief Executive Willie Docherty said, “It is fantastic to see Scotland’s really great contributions to the world being celebrated.  As a nation, our contribution to the world is far greater than our size.”

This is the charity’s third year of celebrating Scotland’ greatest achievements.  A search for Scotland’s greatest comedy moment was won by David Tenant’s sketch with Catherine Tate for Comic Relief.  Last year a search for Scotland’s favourite song was won by RunRig with their anthem Loch Lomond, Lulu presented the band with a commerative disc at a concert in London.

ScotsCare helps first and second generation Scots in London by providing; financial assistance, employment and training opportunities; a friendly face to visit them; social networks and housing.


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Contact: Elaine Begley
Phone: 078015 15585