Butler vs Boyle vs Burns in Scot of the Year Shortlist as Brown and Martin Fail to Score

The shortlist for Scot of the Year 2009 has been unveiled as the competition enters its final week of voting before the winner is announced to mark Burn’s Day.

Susan Boyle, Gerard Butler and Robert Burns are currently leading the race. Gordon Brown and Michael Martin have been dropped from the running after receiving fewest votes along with Mohammed Al Fayed who was given an honorary nomination after declaring his intention to be the leader of an Independent Scotland.  Last year’s winner Chris Hoy and poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy have also been dropped from the shortlist.

Anyone can place their vote until 12pm on Saturday at www.scotscare.com, results will be announced to mark Burn’s day on January 25th.

The Charity is also investigating who of the following should be given the same rights as a Scots:

Someone born elsewhere but has lived in Scotland 20 years or more

Someone born elsewhere but living in Scotland and married to a Scot

Someone who has fought in a Scottish regiment

Someone who has Scottish parents but they are born elsewhere

Someone who has Scottish Grandparents but they are born elsewhere

Someone who supports a Scottish football team

Someone investing heavily in Scotland eg Donald Trump

No one other than those born in Scotland

Again, votes can be placed at www.scotscare.com.

ScotsCare is a London based Charity providing financial assistance to first and second generation Scots living in poverty.  The charity runs an annual search for Scot of the Year which include first and second generation Scots and some honorary nominees.


For further information, contact Elaine Begley on 07801 515585

Contact: Elaine Begley
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