Beat the Red Tape and Make a Profit

A SCOTS company is collaborating with a funding agency to help entrepreneurs and their employees make money through enhanced Information Security – and avoid jail  - for free.

Internet fraud and data theft present an increasing risk to businesses, and with new legislation bringing hefty fines and even a possible jail sentence for breaches of the Data Protection Act, it’s a legal requirement that company owners provide training to all staff.

Sarah Dougan, Managing Director of the E-Security Exchange, says: ”You might think data protection doesn’t affect you, but data protection isn’t just about credit cards or businesses with online sales.

“All organisations keep data on employees, customers and confidential projects and this means every business has a legal requirement to ensure all systems and staff are compliant with the new legislation.”

The Glasgow South West Regeneration Agency has recognised the increasing dangers of non-compliance to businesses, and has agreed to fund free training through the E-Security Exchange to eligible organisations and employees across Glasgow.

Sarah says it’s important to look at compliance as an opportunity, rather than taking the head in the sand approach and hoping you won’t be caught. Training in information security isn’t just about avoiding fines; done properly, it can boost sales and improve customer loyalty.

E-Security Exchange provides clear and effective accredited training in the key legislative areas, and can actually: 

  • help increase sales by up to 20%
  • enhance brand reputation
  • improve customer retention,
  • build a reputation for unrivalled security and privacy policies
  • and avoid fines and a possible jail sentence.

The penalties for non-compliance are severe. From April 2010 businesses could be fined up to £500,000 and individuals could face a two-year custodial sentence for breaches of the data protection principles.

“The Information Commissioner has promised to crack-down on non-compliance and it won’t just be the big corporates that are affected. Small businesses are just as much at risk as the big ones,” warns Sarah.

“It makes sense to be pro-active, take advantage of the free training and reap the benefits rather than facing the penalties, which could literally ruin a small business.”

Contact Sarah Dougan on  – or visit to register your business for training.


Notes to Editor:

  • The grant funding is provided by Glasgow South West Regeneration Agency. It can be used for any type of training that will upskill an employee and could potentially allow them to access a promotion within the workplace, enable them to gain more hours or more responsibility, and could potentially secure a job if their role becomes at risk.
  • In addition, employees living anywhere in Scotland and earning £22,000 pa or less are entitled to apply for grant funding through the ILA Scotland programme.
  • has a wide range of online and bespoke information security and data protection packages aimed at helping businesses and employees meet the demands of increasingly onerous compliance legislation.
  • All E-Security Exchange training materials have been prepared by leading Data Protection experts. It is then reviewed and approved by senior staff at the Information Commissioners Office and also recommended and accredited by leading organisations, such as the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland, the Customer Contact Association and the Association of International Accountants

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