War Declared on 'Social Media Phonies', with

Social and digital communications company Contently Managed has launched a £1000 all-you-need package for businesses to encourage Scottish take-up of digital communications.

For £1000 – £2000 for larger businesses – the company will carry out all traditional PR functions but also digital engagements.

Speaking on the company blog at www.contently-managed.com/blog, MD and Creative Guy Craig McGill said: “We’ve had it with the companies charging £2000 to set up Twitter accounts and those who say there are no ROIs in social media.

“Scottish businesses are losing out – in terms of sales and customer growth – by not engaging online. Too many of them are still scared to go online because they are told its either very expensive or that it’s raw feedback from their customers.

“And while there can be raw feedback, the thing to remember is that people are probably already talking about you anyway, so all you doing is getting involved.

“As for expensive – that’s because there’s been rip-off firms trading on the supposed mystery around online communications.

“So what we’re doing is saying to companies that for either £1000 or £2000 a month – both of which are less than what many pay purely for traditional PR – we’ll do the lot and also guarantee that after 12 months you’ll have had coverage back in the traditional sector alone that covers your costs.

“This way, companies can dip their toes in and see the benefits digital can bring to them.”

Contently Managed has had considerable success over the last six months with Whyte & Mackay, bringing in more than 75,000 visitors to a new website, taking their Master Blender Richard Paterson to the top of Twitter and raising not only the company’s engagement with customers but also increasing sales.

The recent buzz around bottles of whisky being found at the South Pole started with a podcast and blog post, but was picked up by more than 1000 media outlets across the world.

McGill adds: “Everything is digital now, but it should feed into each other. Good traditional press should feed into online and good online activities should get coverage in the traditional press.

“PRs also need to stop thinking purely in terms of text. Why aren’t they issuing video and audio clips with each press release? Where’s the social media newsrooms?”

More information about the £1000/£2000 offer can be viewed at Contently-Managed.com and Contently-Managed.com/faq.php.


Craig McGill is available for further comment and can be reached on either 07703-175-151 or craig@contently-managed.com

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