HMV Shacks up for Valentine's Day

HMV is hoping that its customers and their partners will move closer to each other this Valentine's as a result of an engaging marketing campaign that will highlight gift recommendations for music, film and games titles.

The campaign, which features a move closer tagline and use of a specially adapted Nipper logo with lovehearts, will be supported across the entertainment retailer's chain of 280 stores – through instore and window displays, as well as online on and via selected national press advertising.

A playful highlight of the campaign will see the installation of a special, complimentary photobooth for Valentine's – dubbed the hmv Love shack at HMV's London flagship store, 150 Oxford Street from this Friday.

The hmv Love shack is a photobooth with a difference, featuring Boothnation Photostream technology and manned by their own dedicated staff. It is celebration of the retro-future design concepts of the 1950s, all curved aluminium, moulded TV screens and space-age surfaces. But it's not just its look that make is special, it's fully kitted out with professional lighting, a high-end digital camera and a wind machine.  

The hmv Love shack is perfect for two, holds four or five at a squeeze and will be open to the Oxford Street public between Friday 12 Feb to Sunday 14 Feb (12 noon – 4.00pm each day).

Visitors can enter the booth and select from a number of a heart-shape graphics bearing the title of a famous love song, which they can then include in their free set of hmv-branded photographs by way of sharing a special message with a loved one. Featured lines include: Love is in the Air, You're The One That I Want, You're Still the One and Love Will Tear Us Apart. Also available is a particularly special message that says Marry Me just in case anyone is sufficiently moved to make the ultimate romantic gesture.

Contact: Gennaro Castaldo
Phone: 020 7432 2033 or 07801 194 139