Calling all Wimbledon Fans, Football Fanatics, Festival Lovers and Barbecuers

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Sunmagic, the range of 100% pure fruit juices, smoothies and juice drinks, is preparing for a scorching summer with a hot competition to win one of this year’s must have gadgets – an iPad or iPod touch – EVERY MONTH (from now until the end of August).

You can be sure to get your halftime fruit and ‘Apple’ fix, whether you’re a Wimbledon fan, World Cup fanatic or looking for a refreshing health boost at a music festival – Sunmagic offers a versatile range of tetra cartons, bottles and cans, perfect if you’re on the go.
Research shows that 88% of people in Britain fail to reach the government’s five-a-day target.* The full Sunmagic range benefits from being ‘heart healthy’, pure fruit juice and is free from artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives and sweeteners and counts towards one of your five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. It’s the perfect ‘heart healthy’ alternative to carbonated drinks such as Tango and there is even a 100% pure still orange juice in a 330ml can.

This summer looks to be a scorcher and Sunmagic is the perfect treat for washing down those barbecue delights, mixing up for a delicious fruit punch or for packing into picnic baskets for family days out. There is something in the range for everyone, whether you love juice or smoothies, cans or tetra cartons, you can be sure to find something you love.

Razin Ali, Brand Manager of Sunmagic said: “Sunmagic makes a great healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks and the health benefits are endless. Orange juice for example is known for its vitamin C and folic acid levels and when consumed is believed to lower levels of homocysteine, an amino acid linked to heart disease.**

“We know that as well as being health conscious, those who buy our products are eco-conscious and that’s why we take our carbon footprint very seriously. By shipping concentrate rather than freshly squeezed juice, we can transport up to five times as much in one go, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. We are also launching our Fairtrade Product ‘Sunmagic 100% Pure Fairtrade Orange Juice”. A healthy and sustainable product.” 

The delicious Sunmagic core range includes: 100% pure orange juice, 100% pure apple juice, 100% pure pineapple juice, 100% pure grapefruit juice, 99% tomato juice, a cranberry juice drink and a mango juice drink.  It is available from various national retail chains including supermarkets, convenience stores, online retail, specialist high street retailers, travel retailers including station and forecourt and thousands of independent retailers nationally. Prices range from 39p to £1.05.

Sunmagic 100% pure fruit juices, 100% pure fruit smoothies and juice drinks are strictly made from the best available concentrate from the same source. As well as being produced with high quality ingredients and is ambient rather than chilled, ensuring you can always be confident of the same great taste, competitive pricing and a longer shelf life. Sunmagic also benefits from being sustainable, with all packs produced in England.

For further information or to enter the fantastic competition to be in with the chance of winning an iPad or iPod (monthly giveaway until the end of August), go to


*Research taken from TNS 2008.

**Research taken from Registered Dietician, Dalhia Campbell for The Sun.


Notes to Editors:

  • Sunmagic 100% pure fruit juices, smoothies and juice drinks are made with the highest quality concentrates, which makes it tasty and healthy. The extensive 100% pure fruit range includes; orange, apple, pineapple, grapefruit, tomato, smoothies and delicious cranberry and mango juice drinks. All Sunmagic drinks are produced and packaged in the UK so your carbon conscience is clear.
  • The Sunmagic range pricing is competitive with all year around availability at an RRP of 39p to £1.05.
  • The Sunmagic range includes:
    • 24 x 200ml Tetra packs: 100% pure orange juice, 100% pure apple juice, 100% pure pineapple juice and NEW 3 x 200ml 100% pure orange juice
    • 24 x 330ml Can: 100% pure still orange juice
    • 6 and 12 x 330ml PET packs: 100% pure orange juice, 100% pure apple juice and a cranberry juice drink
    • 6 and 12 x 500ml PET packs: 100% pure orange juice, 100% pure apple juice, 100% pure tropical juice and delicious juice drinks, cranberry juice drink and new mango juice drink
    • 6 and 12 x 330ml PET Smoothies: 100% pure fruit smoothies including: orange, mango and passion fruit and apple, strawberry and raspberry  
    • 12 x 1 litre recap: 100% pure orange juice, 100% pure apple juice, 100% pure pineapple juice, 100% pure grapefruit juice and 99% tomato juice
    • 12 x 1 litre recap flash pack: 12 for 11 100% pure orange juice
    • 12 x 1 litre square spin top: Premium 100% pure orange juice, Premium 100% pure apple juice, Premium 100% pure pineapple juice, Premium cranberry juice drink and NEW Premium tropical juice drink
  • Sunmagic’s 500ml PET 100% pure orange juice and 100% pure apple juice are must stock lines and are the most recognisable packs in it’s category.
  • Sunmagic’s PET and tetra carton range is produced in England therefore reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Sunmagic is distributed nationally by leading Cash & Carry’s, Wholesalers, Foodservice operators, On Trade suppliers and is also sold via leading national and regional retail chains.
  • Sunmagic strictly use the best available concentrate from the same source, and is therefore second to none on quality and taste. 
  • Sunmagic is selling more now than at anytime in history to various national accounts in all sectors
  • The Sunmagic brand is outperforming the soft drinks category and is one of the fastest growing ambient juice brands in the UK
  • 2009 was the best year for Sunmagic, achieving a record 38% year on year increase
  • Millions of consumers new to Sunmagic brand have purchased for the first time and are remaining loyal

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