Kylie to Talk About Career, Cancer and Family on IN:DEMAND

Kylie Minogue fans will be able to tune into a special interview being broadcast by Bauer Radio across Scotland on Wednesday 7th July.

The ‘IN:DEMAND’ session will be aired across the networks stations in Scotland including Clyde 1, Forth One, Northsound, Tay FM, Borders, West Sound and MFR and will include Kylie talking the listeners through some of her favourite songs. 

“Kylie IN:DEMAND” will be broadcast from 7pm on Wednesday 7th July 2010.

The pop superstar chatted about her life and career in-between her favourite tunes during the interview with IN:DEMAND’s DJ Romeo.

Kylie revealed her negative treatment by the tabloid press in the early days.  She said:

“I would go back to the very beginning of my career.  I mean I really got some horrible horrible treatment back then and it might look now to people who are not quite as long in the tooth as some of us are, that they might think that my career looks like its just kind of happened but it really took a long time to be accepted as a singer, as an artist, it took a long time to become that.  So in a way, I don’t even begrudge people not accepting me as that in the beginning because you have to earn your stripes, you have to go out there and do it.”

The in-depth interview also delves into how Kylie feels about her cancer battle.  Kylie continued: 

“Do you know what, some days it’s part of my every day life for sure but it’s not part of every moment of my every day life if that makes any sense.  No matter what situation you’re in the clock keeps ticking so the thing that made sense to me when I was anticipating getting through it is that you don’t go back to normal, you go to a new normal.  So my life is just different.  I just have to do things slightly differently but I’m here so I try and celebrate when I can for tiny, tiny reasons as well as momentous occasions.”

For further details about the pop princess you‘ll have to tune into Romeo’s IN:DEMAND show at 7pm on Wednesday.

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