Red Evolution Launch a Website Toolkit For New Businesses

There are some experts who think the credit crunch is the perfect time to start a new business. The philosophy is, if you can make it now your business will fly when the good times return. Internet consultants Red Evolution agree and have launched the New Business Toolkit to help would be entrepreneurs get up and running with a professional website in double quick time.

While there's no shortage of on-line tools for setting up a website quickly and cheaply many fall way short of creating the kind of web presence that will grow as a business expands. Of more concern is the fact that they don't perform well in the search engines, something that's vital for new starts.

Red Evo's Dave Robinson says “There are plenty of instant website tools on the market but in our experience they create websites that look OK but have none of the functionality most businesses need, and most of them are a disaster when it comes to search engine optimisation or SEO.”

The New Business Toolkit from Red Evolution is an off the shelf type offering. In its simplest form you get a fully content managed website, meaning you can add as many pages as you need, with visitor tracking and plenty of functionality such as the ability to create on-line forms and downloadable documents coming as standard.

For businesses who don't have a logo there's an option to add one to the package and you can also add printed business cards and letterheads should you need them.

Full details of the New Business Toolkit can be found here.

Contact: Dave Robinson
Phone: 01224 443551 or 0131 202 6365