Bourne Highlights Content

Creative digital agency Bourne has told an audience of the UK’s top marketers that high quality digital content will be critical to the success of their future brand strategies.

Speaking at an invitation-only London event, the leading creative digital agency outlined the complex and vital role that digital content marketing plays in the brand planning and strategy process. Bourne showed a prestigious audience of experts, included members from Landor Associates, one of the world’s leading strategic brand consulting and design firms, on the role that digital should play in brand strategies.

“Digital content marketing is fundamental to the future of brand marketing. Businesses must embrace the opportunities on offer for fast and flexible, targeted and personalised brand marketing that both promotes meaningful customer interaction and can be measured by its results,” said Dan Kersh, Bourne’s Managing Director.

The audience was encouraged to review how their customers currently select brands. Consumers are researching purchases like never before, and the team from creative digital agency Bourne, advised the audience that in order to compete in the current consumer market, brands must be seen to be saying the right things in the right target places across multiple channels. 

In the current market, Bourne argued that companies must include digital in every aspect of their brand planning if success is to be achieved. In addition to providing training to ensure that IT and marketing teams work hand-in-hand, many companies will also have to become content producers in order to compete for online attention.

“The way the world shops has changed forever, and businesses need to invest in restructuring and educating their organisations on digital delivery. Consumers have radically altered the way they behave, and marketers need to expand their brand planning to embrace multiple online channels if they want to cope with the challenges of the digital age,” said Kersh.

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