Team Building for Virtual Teams is a Reality

Scottish based internet consultants Red Evolution have created a worlds first with a real time web based team building activity that can be used by people in the same office or those separated by geography.

Working with their partners, Cheshire based team building experts Sandstone, they have developed a web based team building offering that's already finding favour with some large and well known global companies, challenged with developing teams spread across different locations.

Red Evolution's Dave Robinson said “There are plenty of team building offerings in the market but until now nothing that provided something real time, engaging and usable by virtual teams.”

“Team Building Rescue is a time limited exercise for teams of between 5 and 10 people requiring a true team effort and involves activities both on and off screen, it's not about simply huddling round a computer and answering questions, far from it. Early adopters have already made repeat purchases.”

For full details visit the Team Building Rescue website.

Contact: Dave Robinson
Phone: 01224 443551