For many, twilight is an international literary and film phenomenon where humans walk amidst vampires and wolves and love triumphs over all. However, in Fife, twilight is taking on new meaning.

Organisers of this year’s Fife Outdoor Access Festival have been inundated with bookings for this year’s two “Bat Walk” events, both of which begin at twilight and have been attended by over 50 people.

The walks have been so popular that organisers have now created a rapidly growing list of “bat fans” to ensure people receive notifications of future Bat Walks.

Festival organiser, Tricia Fox, commented, “Visitors have been getting into a real “flap” over these events. The phones have been ringing off the hook with people looking for last minute places and we sold out online really quickly. ”

Bat-man Graeme Walla from Fife Coast & Countryside Trust, who has been leading the Bat Walks, said “This year the demand has been unprecedented and I’m really pleased to see such a surge of interest in these tiny creatures of the night.”

The Fife Outdoor Access Festival has experienced its most popular year to date with almost 2,000 participants taking part in the Scotland’s only dedicated outdoor access festival. This year’s festival also plays a key role in the “Celebrating Fife” campaign which is co-ordinated by Fife Council. 

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