Doggy Paddle Solves Josh's Weight Problem

It’s a problem so many of us can identify with – the weight goes on and nothing will shift it. Increasingly, it’s a problem not confined to human

weight ballooned.  The additional weight started to aggravate arthritis in Josh’s elbows and he was beginning to become quite lame.   Josh lives in Ellon with his owners  Martin and Linda Watt who thought that brisk walks along Newburgh beach might shift the beings.

The pounds piled onto Josh, the golden lab after he had “the snip” and his weight. But the seals there can be quite aggressive towards dogs so that plan came to nothing. In an effort to  break the cycle of pain, lack of supportive exercise and increasing weight, Josh  was taken to the  K9 Hydrotherapy centre at  Hill of Findon, just south of Aberdeen.

“One swimming session in the pool there and Josh was hooked, “ said Linda.  “He just loved it and the weight has gradually come off and stayed off.  He’s toned and strong and is like a puppy all over again and although he’s 11 he doesn’t limp anymore.”

Josh started with two pool and hydro spa sessions per week which decreased to once per week then to once per fortnight  as the weight loss accelerated and his fitness improved.

Josh has two doggy playmates at home, Max and Ben who watch from the side of the hydrotherapy pool while Josh swims so it is very much a family occasion.  He’s so fit now that when his owners go on bike rides, all three dogs accompany them.

Commenting on Josh’s weight control program, Clark Wilson of the K9 Hydrotherapy Centre said “Josh was an ideal candidate for the beneficial effects of a structured weight loss program at the centre. The vicious circle of joint pain, reduced exercise and increased dependency on prescription medication was locking Josh into a loss of fitness and reducing health quality.

“ A gentle start in the non-weight bearing environment of the pool  from a short swim and spa time, gently increased over a period of visits has now put Josh into the uppermost bracket of fitness capability of any of our canine clients. He is now easily as fit as a dog half his age.”

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