Oil and Gas Careers Made Easy as Drillers.com Unveils ePortfolio

Oilfield technical website, Drillers.com Inc, announces the launch of ‘ePortfolio’, its latest service based on the new EU Europass standard. The ePortfolio system will help to create or import a Europass compliant CV, based on which advertisers can easily identify the right candidates for the right job.

This new move by Drillers.com follows the introduction of three additional oilfield specific electronic documents, which was launched earlier in the year to supplement the EU Europass. The three documents namely oilfield discipline supplement, expiring documentation supplement and training certificate supplement tailor the Europass electronic CV to make it specific to oilfield disciplines.

“The launch of ePortfolio is yet another giant stride in our efforts to provide tools and services that are beneficial for individuals and organisations using the site”, says Steve Devereux of Drillers.com. Sharing his insights into the new technology, Steve says, “The ePortfolio system is a highly valuable and useful electronic portfolio, which can now be created online for free and with many benefits. It complies with the new EU Europass standard and has already been approved by Europass.

“You have to invest some time in filling out the required data, around two hours; but this is a one off investment only. You need to review and update information only when things change.

“With our new ePortfolio system, jobs find you rather than the other way around. This system allows users to create CVs and export these in a variety of formats, including Europass XML. We will then use the information supplied to match job ads to candidates within our database.

“It’s really simple to create your ePortfolio; just register onto the Drillers.com website for free, go to your home page, click on the ePortfolio link and fill in the form. The ePortfolio is assured to give users a better chance of identifying the jobs that are best suited to your skill set and experience. What’s more, the system is easy to update and, you can print, save or email your ePortfolio as a pdf document”, concludes Steve.

Talking of the new system, Tom Macrae, an experienced consultant drilling supervisor, deems that the ePortfolio is a great idea. “After the initial set up, which takes a little time, it is easily accessible and the updating is simple too. The layout is good with the relevant information readily available to prospective clients, so from now on I will definitely be using this for my own record”.

Future plans for the ePortfolio system include giving additional people access to view one’s ePortfolio online by issuing them with a password. You will also be able to link referees to an ePortfolio, which means that anyone currently registered on the site can become a referee for you, and a potential employer will be able to contact them directly for to verify your many good qualities.

The oilfield technical website also plans to include the ability to create translations, where different copies of one’s ePortfolio can be created in different languages.

For further information or to express interest in using the new ePortfolio system, please contact Steve Devereux on steve@drillers.com.  More information is also available at http://www.drillers.com/faqs/FAQePortfolio.html.


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