Cash-strapped Brits Turn to TV for Comfort

Two recent reports have revealed:

  • During tougher economic times, nearly a third¹ (28%) were twice as likely to turn to TV for entertainment;
  • Nearly a quarter² of households (22%)  plan to sacrifice their premium digital TV service as they strive to slash household budgets by almost £9bn over the next six months
  • Customers can save³ up to £408 per year by bundling their digital TV with broadband and home phone services.

Geoff Slaughter, Head of Online at, commented on the results of the study:

“It’s no surprise that UK consumers are turning to cheaper forms of entertainment as they feel increasing pressure on their household budgets which will be tested further by VAT increases due to kick in next January.

“Customers can economise further by making smart decisions about who they take their digital TV , broadband and home phone services from.  Our latest research shows that average savings can add up to £408 for the year when bundling the three from one provider, meaning they don’t have to lose their digital TV subscription.

“TV has always been a major source of entertainment for us all, and that’s especially true during the current economic storm, when roughly a third of us reported turning on the telly much more often.”

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¹Data source:

²Data source:

³20% of Simplifydigital customers received an average saving of £408. Data based on 1,538 records between 1st of Jan 2010 to 8th Nov 2010.

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