News Sources Combine to Provide 'New Dynamic' Politics Coverage

Two sources of alternative news and commentary in Scotland are joining forces. The polemical online magazine Bella Caledonia and the nationalist news service Newsnet Scotland are collaborating in the run-up to the May Holyrood election.

Spokesman Andrew Hardie commented: “Bella Caledonia and Newsnet are delighted to announce a new collaboration, where we will be commissioning articles and sharing analysis and editorial content together. The combined traffic and new funds to pay contributors mean that there is a new dynamic merging in the Scottish political coverage. We welcome submissions from journalists looking for a fresh approach to political coverage.”

Hardie continues: “The next six months will be crucial for progressive Scotland. As we lead up to the next Holyrood elections we’re bound to see the usual scaremongering of the Unionist media about the possibilities of serious constitutional change, and the usual right-wing press will collect around the forces of inertia and conservatism.”

Contributor Gus Abraham said: “The old media doesn’t have the strength and dominance it once had. The old press power as an agenda-setting force is weakening and once credible national newspapers are often seen as discredited as the Lib-Lab-Tory agenda they prop up.”

The participative media in Scotland is stronger than ever – with a surge of high quality online content in the last year. Bella will remain the place for longer articles – with a stronger focus on experimental culture – while Newsnet Scotland will stay as the place for daily news updates (and more). 

The recent Political Innovations event in Edinburgh (organised by Slugger O Toole in association with the Telegraph) talked a lot about aggregated content – and this is partly about that.  

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