Is it Me – Or is it Ki

So here you are at the end of a difficult year.  Your business is not booming, your sales figures are not rising and your partner has given you an ultimatum.  But why is all the negative stuff landing at your feet?  What have you done to deserve this?  Take heart, it may not be your fault. It could simply be a bad year in your nine year Feng Shui cycle. It may be too late to do anything about the year that has gone, but what about the year to come?  Fear not, help is at hand in the shape of a new iPhone App which could change your life forever. The new Nine Star Ki can work out not only which year you are in, but will tell you when to start new business activities or keep going with existing enterprises. The iPhone App has been developed by Aberdeen computer programmer Andrew Sage and Andrew’s personal story apparently fits perfectly into the nine-year pattern.

On the day he was made redundant Andrew went to hear motivational speaker and entrepreneur Rachel Elnaugh address an audience in the King's Conference Centre at Aberdeen University.

Rachel was one of the original ‘Dragons’ in the Dragons' Den series on BBC TV, and Andrew felt with her background of ‘surviving in the face of adversity,’ she would have something appropriate to say regarding his own circumstances.  By luck, Andrew managed to speak to Rachel briefly after her speech, about a card game idea he had been developing for the past three years.  Next morning, Andrew received an email from Rachel suggesting some marketing ideas.

And that as they say was the beginning of a new chapter.  Out of a negative situation and facing redundancy, Andrew was encouraged to develop an iPad version of his card game which he released in June this year.  Rachel Elnaugh was so impressed by Andrew’s tenacity that she invited him to join herself and well known ‘life coach’, Marie Claire Carlyle in developing a new iPhone App.  They had been working on the idea together, which was based on Chinese astrology, and a complex set of rules that worked out horoscopes – the past and the future.

Although the idea is based on ancient Chinese wisdom, the terminology used in the Nine Star Ki is very much in the 21st century so the programme is directly relevant to the complex lives we lead today.  And just as you would expect Andrew has consulted his chart and is already working on his next idea.

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Andrew Sage is an entrepreneur software developer.  His Company name is ‘Andrew Sage & Entertainment Limited’.  He is based in Aberdeen.

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