Christmas is the Biggest Test For Relationships

Money problems the biggest cause of festive stress, according to new poll from

It’s supposed to be a time for relaxing with your loved ones, but Christmas may be taking its toll on your relationships.

Almost two thirds of people see that Christmas is the most testing time for them and their partner.

The poll, carried out by online dating site, reveals that 59% of men and women find Christmas as the greatest test for their relationship. 

The most common cause of stress in relationships is money problems (31%).  40% of women said money problems is the singular most stressful factor for relationships, with 25% of those polled admitting not seeing enough of their partner at Christmas is the most testing factor.

Whilst 30% of men said money problems had the biggest strain on relationships, buying the perfect present for their significant other is the second most common issue (25%).

The poll also reveals that only 17% of men and women feel that getting on with relatives and the in-laws was the most stressful thing at Christmas.

Sean Wood, Operations Manager for Easydate plc which operates, said:

“Given the current economic climate, it’s unsurprising that financial problems can be brought to bear at Christmas.  There is always the pressure to have the perfect Christmas, and often things like spending time with your partner and feeling relaxed about festivities get neglected.

“We often have to remind ourselves that spending time with loved ones is what Christmas is all about.”


Notes to Editors

The poll was answered by almost 2000 members of the online dating site .  80% of members are from the UK and the USA (almost equal distribution); Australia is the third largest group, as well as Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Full results:

Q) Would you say that Christmas is the most testing/ stressful time for relationships?


Yes  –  61 %   No – 39%


Yes – 59%   No – 41%


Yes  – 59%   No – 41%

Q) What is the most stressful thing at Christmas for relationships?

Money problems –

Women – 40 % 

Men – 30 %

TOTAL – 31%

Buying the perfect present for boyfriend/girlfriend/partner –

Women – 14%

Men – 25%

TOTAL – 23%

Not seeing enough of boyfriend/girlfriend/partner –

Women – 25%

Men – 17%

TOTAL – 18%

Getting on with the in-laws/relations

Women – 14%

Men – 17%

TOTAL – 17%


Women – 5.88%

Men – 11.8%

TOTAL – 10%

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