Frugal Women this Christmas Want to Receive Only the Best Presents from Santa!

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Over a third of women don’t plan to give their partner a present

1 in 5 men to start Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, but 1 in 3 don’t expect to receive presents on Christmas Day

Jewellery the ideal present for a lady

Over a third of women (36%) do not plan to give the men in their lives a gift this Christmas, but expect to receive jewellery on Christmas morning, according to a new poll.

As 1 in 5 men will start their gift-shopping on Christmas Eve, and buy jewellery and lingerie for their partners, almost a third (29%) are not bothered about receiving a present in return and believe that Christmas is over-commercialised.

The results have been gathered from a survey of almost 1,000 members of dating websites and, which are operated by Easydate.   Results have been gathered from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

When asked what they would buy their man as a Christmas gift, 36% of women responded ‘Nothing – he’s got me!’  This is compared to 11% who said they would be buying clothing for their partner and 11% who would be buying toiletries and aftershave. 

Women in the 31 to 44-year-old category were slightly more frugal, with almost half of those polled (47%) saying they would not be buying the man in their lives a present.  This is compared to 28% of women aged 18 to 30, and 32% of women over the age of 45.

Internationally, there was almost a consensus on what women want to find in their Christmas stocking – something sparkly, with almost a third in nearly every country polled hoping to receive some jewellery on 25th December.  This is with the exception of Ireland, which is clearly a country of ladies who like to get dolled up – a staggering 60% of women in Ireland would like to receive make-up for Christmas.

The message is obviously getting through to men, with 35% of men planning to give their partner some new jewellery this festive season.

Sean Wood, Operations Manager for Easydate, said:

“It might be a controversial thing to say, but it’s clear that men are actually listening to the women in their lives when they tell them what they want!  They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and that goes for all different types of jewellery.

“Men may not expect to get anything on Christmas morning, but for all those men who are doing some last-minute shopping on Christmas Eve for their wives and girlfriends  – jewellery is definitely your best bet!”


Notes to Editors

Full results of survey (Totals, not broken down into age, country)


What would you like to be given as a Christmas present this year?

Jewellery – 32%

Perfume/ Make-up – 16%

Clothing/lingerie – 23%

Books/DVD/Music – 6%                                                               

Something I will hate but pretend to hate or return – 2%

Other – 22%

What are giving the man in your life for Christmas?

Jewellery – 9%

Aftershave/toiletries – 11%

Book/DVD/Music/Computer Game – 10%

Clothing/underwear – 11%

Nothing! He’s got me – 36%

Other – 24%


 What would you like to be given as a Christmas present this year?

Jewellery – 8%

Aftershave/toiletries – 6%

Book/DVD/Music/Computer Game – 14%

Clothing/underwear – 11%

I don’t care, Christmas is over-commercialised – 29%

Other – 31%

What are you giving the woman in life for Christmas?

Jewellery – 35%

Perfume/Make-up – 9%

Clothing/lingerie – 27%

Book/DVD/Music – 4%

Something from the petrol station on Christmas Eve – 3%

Other – 21%

At what time of the year do you begin to do your Christmas shopping?


Pre -November – 34%

November – 19%

Early December – 23%

Mid-December – 19%

Christmas Eve! – 5%


Pre-November – 17%

November – 15%

Early December – 25%

Mid December – 26%

Christmas Eve – 19%

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