Global Recovery for International Tourism Welcomed by Mint Hotel

According to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, international tourism experienced a strong recovery over the past 12 months. With increasingly optimistic economic conditions emerging worldwide following the recession, 2010 witnessed a growing confidence in the tourism market.

It was revealed that while all regions recorded growing levels of tourist activity, it was within the emerging economies such as China and South American nations. This is in line with the wider trend of recovery being led by the developing economies such as China and India.

For Mint Hotel, the recently re-branded evolution of City Inn, the news of a universal recovery is highly encouraging. A spokesperson for the hotel company said:

With the publication of the UNWTO report, we are hopeful for a strong 2011, and hope to continue to develop our hotel portfolio. We have recently moved into Europe with the scheduled opening of the Mint Hotel Amsterdam in May, so news of an international recovery is extremely encouraging.”

The report provided a regional breakdown of growth, with Asia leading the way with a 13% rise in international tourist arrivals to the area. Asia was not only the first region to recover in the aftermath of the global recession, but was also able to record a record 204 million tourist arrivals in 2010, up from the 181 million of 2009.

The Middle East and South America also experienced significant recovery over the past 12 months, recording growth levels of 14% and 10% respectively.

In Europe, figures were not as impressive, but nonetheless demonstrated a 3% rise. The slower pace of recovery in this region can be largely attributed to the effects of the Icelandic volcano eruption, as well as the economic uncertainty surrounding the Euro zone. For Mint Hotel, the European figures represent a slow moving but positive indication of things to come:

Looking at the figures, there has been a distinct improvement on 2009. Whilst there was a comprehensive decline in the tourism industry following the economic crisis 2 years ago, we are now seeing not only a slowing decline, but an acceleration in growth.”

The report from the World Tourism Organisation, released yesterday, expects a continued growth in the industry. Though the figures will be less impressive than those recorded over the past year, UNWTO believes that international tourist arrivals will witness 4%-5% growth in 2011.

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