Gulp Helps you Find the Ways to a Man

Gulp knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and with a fabulous selection of products to delight your lover this Valentine, has almost everything you will need to delight your lover this Valentines.

Offering everything (inedible) for eating, drinking, cooking, entertaining and giving, Miriam Fogarty, a foodie who loves cooking, living and the whole lot in between, has left nothing off your wish list for a romantic evening in with your loved one.

Heart shaped tea lights and candles will set the tone when as you greet your lover with a glass of champagne served in our slender red Artland Midnight Flute. Dress your dining table with a the gorgeous Small Heart on Foot Vase , fabulous with just a single stem rose and if you want to send a “hint” why not use the Baci Milano Clear Napkin Ring, bling that will not go unnoticed or cost you a months salary! In the morning why not serve piping hot tea in our Italian designed porcelain “feelings mugs” or if you prefer something stronger try the espresso cups from the gorgeous Guzzini “LOVE” collection.

What better way to start any day, especially Valentines, than with breakfast in bed? Our stunning Amore style heart toast rack, holding up to 4 pieces of toast, will get your loved one’s day started in the perfect way!


Note to Editors

Artland Midnight Flute – £6.50 each
Small Heart on Foot Vase  - £9.50
Baci Milano Clear Napkin Ring – £10.95 each
Italian designed porcelain “feelings mugs” – £19.95 for a box of 2
Guzzini “LOVE” collection Set of 2 Espresso Cups with Saucers – £32.15
Amore toast rack – £27.50


Miriam started cooking nearly 20 years ago and since then has learnt that some things are beyond anyone’s control, so she taught herself to remain calm, to improvise and sometimes to completely wing-it! It was during the late 80s at the start of a twenty year spell as a lawyer/tax consultant Miriam became aware of the thrill and delight in finding (and buying!) eye-catching pieces. From the early nineties, cooking and entertaining became an additional channel for her creative juices and in 1996/7 she set up Kaffe Politik, a cafe/restaurant in Edinburgh. Still in her “day job” Kaffe Politik was managed by Ali Walker and pioneered a range of freshly squeezed juices, ‘real’ hot chocolate, tea infusions and the full range of coffees. At that time, the only similar offering was at Cafe Nero in Regent Street, London.

As for “entertaining” (she shares her motto with the French genius Billiart) her role is to spoil and indulge everyone she invites to her home and if the food happens to “work” or be fabulous…fantastic. Miriam believes that no matter how technically tasty a meal is, if it is made with resentment, reticence and/or stress, it sticks in the throat. She lives in Edinburgh with her husband and 3 children.

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