Scottish Medical Charity Celebrates New Office Move

Scotland’s leading medical charity has celebrated an impressive eco-friendly relocation to new premises in the Capital, thanks to the expertise of the country’s top move management firm.

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland has moved into a new bespoke head office in the city, bringing all of the charity’s staff in the Capital under the same roof for the first time and recycling six tonnes of old office furniture.

The move was carried out by Lothians-based Space Solutions Relocations – a sub division of workplace design company Space Solutions – which relocated all of the charity’s staff from three offices in Edinburgh into their new Capital base in just two days.

The project saw a team from Space Solutions manage the charity’s relocation to its new office at Rosebury House in the city’s Haymarket district, in addition to providing new work desks and recycling all of CHSS’s old office furniture and IT systems from its from its former premises in Hill Street and North Castle Street.

Ben Slater, business development manager at Space Solutions, said: “Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland previously had three separate offices in close proximity to each other in Edinburgh. The charity needed to bring all of the staff from these offices under one roof, in order to maximise productivity and ensure its operations were as cost-effective as possible.

“This new location in Haymarket for CHSS’s Edinburgh base will be more efficient and cost-effective. We were able to manage the move into this new office in just two days and with the minimum of disruption to their work in the city.

“As the charity was vacating three different offices, there was a lot of old equipment and furniture that was left behind. CHSS wanted to make sure that as little of this as possible went to landfill, so we also helped identify the best way to recycle all of their old office furniture and computers – and ensure that the relocation was as eco-friendly as possible.

“It’s a great example of the broad range of services we provide, and perfectly showcases how we can manage every stage of a complex office relocation project.

The benefit for CHSS was that they didn’t have to worry about the logistics of the move, as we carried out every stage of their relocation for them – allowing staff to maintain their important charity work with the minimum disruption.”

David H. Clark, chief executive of Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland added: “We are very pleased with the results of this project, which will greatly benefit all of our work in Edinburgh. The relocation has involved a major change in our working environment, but the reaction from our staff has been very positive.

“Previously, we had staff spread across nine floors in three separate buildings, but now everyone is integrated into one location.  We are also fully DDA-compliant and our premises are more easily accessible, which is a major benefit for all of our trustees, volunteers and supporters. 

“We also now have space for meeting rooms and training facilities that can be used by local support groups – and the building also has potential for future expansion.

“We were very impressed with the service that Space Solutions provided during our relocation. They gave us a comprehensive and personal strategy that ensured we were able keep everyone informed throughout the lead-up and planning process.

“Thanks to their expertise and flexibility we were also able to hit the ground running the very next day after the move, so there was minimal disruption to our services.”

Space Solutions is Scotland’s biggest independent expert in helping businesses manage changes within the workplace. It operates UK-wide – from bases in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Livingston – to design, build, fit out, refurbish and relocate modern and productive business environments.

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