Dusters at the Ready for a Website Spring Clean

Online experts are urging businesses to take spring cleaning a step further than usual by giving their websites a simple spruce up.

The 10-strong team at QueryClick help companies perform better by more effectively showcasing their services online, while attracting the right audience.

The digital marketing experts say a series of simple tips – just like those applied to spring cleaning a home or office – could help business of all sizes reap greater rewards online.

Debbie Fraser, who is business development executive at the Scottish-based firms says any website, irrespective of size or sector, can perform better  by taking steps to reduce clutter, apply a lick of virtual paint, or even rearrange the ‘furniture’.

De-cluttering is achieved by removing out of date or unnecessary pages and content, making it easier for visitors to get to the content they want. It is a vital element in improving “conversion rate”, the term used when visitors become paying customers.

Simple navigation is especially important for ecommerce sites, where browsers will abandon a visit if they face basic hurdles – even if they have already  filled a virtual shopping basket.

Debbie added: “Basket abandonment is a major stumbling block for many businesses as an average of 87% of customers fail to make a payment at the final hurdle, often due to the usability of the site.

“Research shows that techniques such as de-cluttering  can lead to 84% fewer cases of basket abandonment, over a 12 month period.”

Regularly refreshing content and improving design can help boost Google rankings, making sites more likely to appear on the all-important first page of search listings.  A main focus of QueryClick’s expertise is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

She added: “Google thrives on change and by frequently updating content, Google can visit your site up to four times as often, rather than leaving it to gather dust, helping improve the overall SEO rating. 

“By changing the design and layout, businesses keep Google – and customers – coming back for more. Design should reflect the quality of the product or service you are selling or the ethos behind the company. Done right it will encourage customers to spend more.”

Businesses can also benefit by rearranging web content, ensuring the most important and popular pages are easily found by visitors.  Testing out combinations of look, feel and layout while seeking feedback, helps businesses understand what works for visitors and how to get convert them into customers. 

Around 89% of sites which saw improved conversion thanks to changes in layout say the business benefits are “dramatic” after 12 months.  For example e-newsletter sign up can increase up to 400% thanks to well-considered site design. 

Debbie added: “We fully understand that most people do not want to tamper with a website, as it requires specialist, technical skills. However, we help that process by explaining what is involved in Plain English and by setting realistic targets.

“Spring may be a couple of months off, but the earlier in the year a business gives some TLC to its website, the quicker they steal a march on their competition in 2011.”

As well as expertise in SEO, the QueryClick team specialise in Pay Per Click (PPC), Conversion Rate Optimisation and work with blue chip brands including Aggreko, Mint Hotels and BrewDog.

More information about QueryClick and the services they offer can be found at http://uk.queryclick.com

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