StatPro Calls for Portfolio Analytics Revolution in New 'Red' Paper

Today at the 2011 Morningstar Investment Conference, portfolio data and analytics leader StatPro Inc. has announced the availability of “Why a Revolution in Front Office Portfolio Analytics and Reporting is Needed”, a new “red” paper that calls for a revolution to make front-office portfolio analytics technologies smarter, faster and easier to use by replacing traditional, terminal-based systems with cloud-based platforms, simple reporting and always-on, user friendly interfaces.

The red paper, so named in contrast to conventional white papers, supports StatPro’s launch of Revolution, a web-based portfolio data and analytics platform that is priced on a $100 per-portfolio basis, with no installed software or hardware and a highly intuitive design. The platform gives portfolio managers always-on access to portfolio performance data and allows fast, easy and highly visual reporting to both internal asset management staff and external clients.

”Why a Revolution in Front Office Portfolio Analytics and Reporting is Needed” is available through the StatPro website and for a limited time in hard copy at the StatPro’s Booth #161 at the Morningstar Conference in Chicago. The red paper addresses key industry concerns about front-office portfolio analytics, performance and attribution analysis

Terminal or web? </strong> – how asset managers can weigh the merits of traditional front-office tools vs. web-based systems, including security concerns, costs and maintenance requirements

  • <strong>Making friends with the back office</strong> – how portfolio managers can make the most of technologies that enable consistent reporting of pricing and risk data from the front office, through the middle office and the back office
  • <strong>It’s all about the clients</strong> – why investors care about the kind of instant, transparent and easy-to-understand reporting capabilities that come with a web-based portfolio analytics system

“The velocity of market change has forced portfolio managers to rethink the tools they have at their disposal for managing analytics and data related to their clients’ investments,” notes StatPro North American CEO Andrew Peddar. “Observing the rise in cloud-based and SaaS technologies and increased expectations for an always-on experience across all sectors, we’ve made the strategic decision to create and deliver an innovative new solution, Revolution. Through ”Why a Revolution in Front Office Portfolio Analytics and Reporting is Needed”, we aim to help educate the asset management market about both the market factors and the technology advantages of moving to a web-based platform.”



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