Care, Care Who Cares

We are seeing it and reading it daily about the way older people and people with physical and learning disabilities are receiving care in the community. We all know our country is in a bad financial position and this is reflecting on the way people receive their home care needs. However I, and many other people, feel that any form of care should not be an area that is affected by cuts.

I have been in the private care sector for many years and at all times we have been monitored, assessed and governed by Local Authorities and Care Commission Inspections to ensure we provide fully trained staff team Members with enhanced disclosure checks and a fully trained management team to ensure we monitor, review and assess the services we provide.

We at Community Careline Services have struggled financially to provide a service that meets the care criteria without financial assistance from Local Authorities or Local Government bodies. Although this has been un up hill struggle we have always strived to ensure our standard of care does not lessen. If a service user pays for a hours care they get an hours care, when a service users states a time that would suit their care needs it is our priority to be as flexible as possible with providing a service at the requested time. We have a member of our Management on call 24 hours a day 7 days per week to deal with any issues, assistance, advice, support that any of our service users or staff team members require. We also strive, at all times, to provide continuity of care as this is a very important factor for individuals.

Yes, as previously stated, we are struggling financially to keep up with all demands on our comparitively small family run organisation but, and it is not only a but, we will continue through thick and thin to making providing a quality service a priority for all our service users and if looked into individuals will see that our costings are far less than what it costs for the Local Authorities to provide a home care service and I for one are now and willing to stand up and be counted to ensure individuals know and understand their freedom of rites when it comes to who, and just as importantly when, they recieve their home care needs.

There are many home care providers in Glasgow whom will, I am sure, feel the same frustration about how service users are receiving care at home at this time and I am even more sure there are many individuals who know someone, be it a loved one, friend or neighbour who is unsatisfied with services they receive at home and quite simply do not know what to do about it.

I am taking, for want of a better word, taking a risk by voicing my opinion however I quite simply think it is about time people stood up and have their say and I am willing to do this if it helps even one person to achieve their quality of care. If anyone is willing to join me then please feel free to contact me, Sally Millar 0141 423 4689 or 0775 195 7577.

Contact: Sally A Millar
Phone: 0141 423 4689 077519577