Elbow Enjoys Glastonbury Bounce

This year's show-stealing Glastonbury headliners also look like grabbing a huge amount of extra album sales as the Glasto bounce kicks in to take its annual effect. HMV has compared its combined store/online/digital album sales of the featured artists during the Glastonbury weekend with the equivalent period a week ago to get a true like-for-like picture.

The biggest winners appear to be Elbow, whose Build A Rocket Boys has shown a massive 1751% pick up compared to last week, albeit it from a relatively low sales base; Mumford & Sons, whose Sigh No More is up 775% (following a huge rise last year as well) and Plan B, whose The Defamation of Strickland Banks is up by 525%

Other major beneficiaries include Coldplay, U2 and Biffy Clyro – who experienced a spike in demand for their back catalogue of recordings, and, of course, Beyonce, whose spectacular

festival-closing performance is bound to give a massive boost to sales of her new album '4', which has got off to a very strong start today is likely to displace Lady Gaga at the top of the charts come the end of the week.

HMV's Gennaro Castaldo comments: “With its near-saturation coverage, Glastonbury is now at the very heart of our popular culture and hard to miss, which is also reflected in pronounced increases in album sales of the featured artists, who increasingly plan their own campaigns around the festival. Coldplay are now nicely set up for their forthcoming album after their memorable show, while Beyonce's new release this week is bound to fly following her spectacular festival-closing performance.”

HMV – Top 5 Glastonbury

1. Elbow – 1751%

2. Mumford and Sons – 775%

3. Plan B – 525%

4. Coldplay – 411%

5. Biffy Clyro – 396%

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