Lists the Best Rural Broadband Deals as Ofcom Forces BT Wholesale to Slash Charges

•    Ofcom forces BT Wholesale to slash rural broadband ISP charges;
• reacts to the media regulator’s move;
• lists the most cost effective rural broadband deals.

As Ofcom forces BT to lower wholesale broadband charges for rivalling ISPs (Internet Service Providers) by 12 per cent below inflation, broadband providers give a warm welcome to the telecommunications regulator’s recent decision.

With this move Ofcom hopes to encourage competition within rural and somewhat monopolised areas, also known as Market 1, which includes roughly 3m UK homes and businesses.
Geoff Slaughter, Head of Online at commented on the news:

“Ofcom’s decision will be welcome news for broadband customers in rural and remote parts of the UK. 

“Our research shows a significant gap still remains in the value customers receive, when they live in areas where costs are higher and there is less choice of broadband providers.  What we need to see now, is ISPs responding to this change quickly, so that customers can benefit as soon as possible from greater choice and more competitive pricing.”

As broadband providers are under increasing pressure to provide cheaper broadband deals lists the most cost effective deals available for residents of rural areas:

1.    Satellite broadband from Tooway
-    Get download speeds of up to 6Mb and upload speeds of 1Mb
-    12GB of monthly download allowance until
-    Connection fee of £29.99
-    Hardware cost of £199.99
-    Monthly fee of £24.99

Despite the costs listed above, this is one of the cheapest alternatives for people who can’t get ‘conventional broadband’ via their phone line or fibre optic networks such as Virgin Media’s.

2.    Mobile MiFi from Three
-    Create your own WiFi network with Three’s MiFi
-    Comes with 1GB of monthly download allowance
-    Connect up to 5 WiFi enabled devices, including laptops and tablets
-    Great network with 97% UK coverage

Monthly cost is only £9.91 a month on an 18 month contract, the MiFi device is free.

3.    Broadband through your phone line from Virgin Media National
-    Virgin Media National is the broadband product for people who don’t live in a Virgin Media cable area
-    Get the fastest broadband your line can handle
-    A massive 40GB monthly download allowance
-    Free wireless router
-    Take Virgin Media line rental for £13.90 a month and get free weekend calls to UK landlines
Costs £7.99 a month plus £13.90 for the line rental. This package isn’t available to the entire UK.

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